What have you learned on Edu Twitter so far?

Following on from my Beginner’s Guide to Edu Twitter, I was going to write an Advanced Guide but I realised I didn’t know much – so instead I’ve written this….erm thing. You’ve now got the hang of twitter – you’ve either given up in disgust or got totally hooked. ( I was listening to ‘Organised Mind’ on …

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A Beginner’s Guide to EduTwitter

Followers – you are likely to begin following people first but slowly and surely people will begin to follow you – best feeling. Being unfollowed – usually when you get on your high horse or court controversy you will lose followers – to begin with devastation but more experienced Twitterers see this as collateral damage. …

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#sen tweeters

Here is a list I have compiled of #SEN tweeters – happy to keep adding, so please let me know of any – thank you Featured image by @ChrisChivers2 @SimonKnight100 @rachelrossiter @bjpren @senblogger @BehaviourTeach @cstimmo_s @ChrisG4347 @mummyworgan @IPSEAcharity @karen_packham @AntonyPowerMM  @AdeleDevine  @TheAsplands @LaurenCasey_LMC @natedtrust_marc @ASTsupportAAli  @DownsSideUp @JonReidOBU  @ria1984 @SENICT  @SpcialNdsJungle  @AspieDeLaZouch @TraceyScriven1 @HeadTBAP  @IPSEAcharity  @kennygfrederik …

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