Literacy is Freedom 

For those who cannot use it [literacy] are excluded from much communication in today’s world. Indeed, it is the excluded who can best appreciate the notion of ‘literacy as freedom’  UNESCO – Literacy Decade  This was my message today to headteachers of special schools at the @swalls_uk leaders two day conference.   But what is …

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Using whiteboard for explicity praise
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All hail! In the inclusive classroom, the mini whiteboard is queen.

The humble mini whiteboard has been popping up all over the place recently: on my twitter timeline, in conversations with teachers and most recently in research. It’s as if she is poking me in the back, ‘Oi, you forget me, I am undervalued and overused, give me some credit and attention’. OK Ms Mini whiteboard, …

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All schools are equal but some are more equal than others

I recently attended the Festival of Education at Wellington College and heard Amanda Spielman give a keynote. Amanda Spielman, OFSTED’s new leader gave a rousing talk at the Festival of Education last week. She listed ways in which schools were gaming the system:  allowing students with EAL to take a GCSE in their first language …

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Whole School #Literacy Tweeters

To share good practice @DamsonEd and I are attempting first to find all those interested in or who have responsibility for whole school literacy.  Once this is done, we hope to co-ordinate  ideas, resources, what’s worked, what hasn’t, advice, questions, maybe even a #literacychat and, if sufficient interest, a get together. Please let us know …

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Dyslexia – How to help in Secondary School

Dyslexia – How to Help in Secondary School   My last blog explained the current definition for Dyslexia/Rose’09. . Next week I will look at Dyslexia – How to help in Primary What are the Indicators? requested by @suecowley will be the following week.   ‘If you get SEN right in school you raise …

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