My teacher hates me!

Students with ADHD can not only struggle to self-regulate, they can also experience heightened feelings of anxiety, joy, fear, worry – every emotion really but sometimes in a more exaggerated form. Combine this with impulsivity, another trait of ADHD and there is a real risk of experiencing failure in school and a break down in …

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The Inclusive College

It was a pleasure to give the keynote on The Inclusive Classroom at Cardiff and Vale College this week. The day was organised by  James Donaldson, Head of additional learning needs and wellbeing for the college.  After a phone call, we discussed what I should include in my talk and I thought about it in …

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Dyslexia Dyslexia Reading Difficulties SpLD SEN SEND Specific Learning Difficulties

Treat the Need not the Label

Every few months a newspaper report comes along to claim ‘dyslexia doesn’t exist’ or ‘ADHD is made up’. Of course, this is usually a sensationalist version of a new report showing controversial research in the field. Yesterday, Tom Bennett wrote an article on the misdiagnosis of ADHD and dyslexia.…r-dyslexia-and-adhd-are-over-diagnosed-crypto For a SENDCo this can …

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