The Inclusive College

It was a pleasure to give the keynote on The Inclusive Classroom at Cardiff and Vale College this week. The day was organised by  James Donaldson, Head of additional learning needs and wellbeing for the college.  After a phone call, we discussed what I should include in my talk and I thought about it in …

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The Inclusive Classroom podcast – episode 2

The Inclusive Classroom is a podcast exploring inclusion. The first series is 4 episodes on Biesta’s values-based education. Jules Daulby interviews, Jarlath O’Brien an expert in SEND and behaviour, Professor Linda Graham who leads research projects on inclusion at Queensland University and Dr Jenna Gillett-Swan, a senior lecturer and researcher also at Queensland University.

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Using whiteboard for explicity praise
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All hail! In the inclusive classroom, the mini whiteboard is queen.

The humble mini whiteboard has been popping up all over the place recently: on my twitter timeline, in conversations with teachers and most recently in research. It’s as if she is poking me in the back, ‘Oi, you forget me, I am undervalued and overused, give me some credit and attention’. OK Ms Mini whiteboard, …

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Crypto-Criminalising  children 

Adverts recruiting prison guards to control behaviour in schools has a similar whiff of the old troops to teachers campaign a few years ago. The idea that a regimented, strict and controlling approach for children is what schools require is beginning to become mainstream. The underlying message here suggests our schools are out of control, …

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Dear NQTs, when in crisis buy shoes…

A tale for NQTs It was 1997 and I was a young, enthusiastic English teacher. I was teaching my mixed ability, year 10 GCSE class and was in my second term.  As was usual at the beginning of my lesson, I was collecting in homework. Rob told me that he hadn’t done it and I …

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More is less 

Poor kids get ReadWriteInc – they’re PP you see and as everything is costed, it is considered that scarce resources should be spent on something tangible to measure progress. The Reading for Pleasure initiative from the Book Trust is not easily measured. Teachers tell the senior team that it’s lovely, they are seeing real enthusiasm …

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And still we rise 

‘And still we rise’ was the theme for #WomenEd’s third Unconference and we heard from two Northern powerhouses doing exactly that. Counsellor and cabinet member, Jackie Drayton, our first keynote speaker inspired us all with her story as did Doncaster’s Chief Executive, Jo Miller; part of the only female elected leadership team in the UK. …

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Gonna read 10 sonnets

A theme tends to emerge when there’s a plan to tidy the house with the family. I start a Twitter spat and the kids watch ‘just one more’ YouTube clip of LD shadow lady. By the end of the morning we’re all bleary eyed, the house looks like it’s been burgled and the dog is …

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