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Public speaking – workshops – professional learning – working with teachers – working with schools, colleges and universities. Jules Daulby is a literacy and inclusion expert, podcaster of The Inclusive Classroom and co-founder and national leader of #WomenEd, a grassroots organisation created to support existing and aspiring women leaders. She started out her teaching career as an English and Drama teacher and until December, 2018 was Director of Education for literacy charity, Driver Youth Trust.  Jules’ quest is to find a way to make classrooms inclusive and allow all children to thrive.  She has a particular fascination with  inclusive design of knowledge organisers, text books, worksheets and presentations.  All her work is grounded in expert knowledge and experience of literacy and SEND in particularly dyslexia and ADHD. Jules believes that all behaviour is communication and accountability pressures can sometimes create environments where students with SEND are not valued.  It is her ambition to persuade OFSTED to reward inclusion rather than exam results and push the DfE into making exams more accessible for young people who have speed of processing and memory difficulties.  Jules is a prolific blogger and tweeter and co-founder and national leader for the grassroots organisation, @WomenEd created to support existing and aspiring women leaders.  Get in touch, she’d love to work with you! Jules training with other inclusion ninjas at Oxford Brookes University ITE  Talk called ‘My teacher hates me’ on ADHD (with Claire Ryan) Jules giving the 2019 keynote,   ‘The Inclusive Classroom’ at Cardiff and Vale college’s day on inclusion. 

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  1. Hi Jules

    Helena Brothwell recommended her she I asked if she knew anyone with SEND background to as or offer suggestions on my leadership . I am exec principal to 2 special schools in Mansfield and my imposter syndrome is in full force at the moment. If you could help please let me know Pauline

  2. Hello,
    I’m a French. I have been a psychologist for many years now and I am currently studying for a master’s degree in inclusive education. I want to study the way the UK school system oversees inclusion and the way key actors feel about it. I’m looking for some people concerned by school for special needs children willing to exchange with me. I would like to ask a few questions to either families, teachers, children with SEN or former students wishing to talk about their personal experience and willing to exchange with me.
    Could you help me?

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