Gonna read 10 sonnets

A theme tends to emerge when there’s a plan to tidy the house with the family. I start a Twitter spat and the kids watch ‘just one more’ YouTube clip of LD shadow lady. By the end of the morning we’re all bleary eyed, the house looks like it’s been burgled and the dog is …

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Day 28 – logic or instinct – let tech help – Assistive Technology #28daysofwriting

Well I’ve come to the end of my 28 day series. An idea started by @tombarrett and picked up and run with by @staffrm, @mrlockyer & @pepsmccrea. And the final push I needed was @ictevangelist’s tweet offering a free Staffrm mug for anyone who manages the full #28daysofwriting. I have been encouraged daily by @digitaldaisies …

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Day 27 – IPad and SEN in Secondary – Assistive Technology – #28daysofwriting

After the iPads & SEN In Secondary course, I like to finish with three points, the best toolkit. problems and take back to school messages. 1. Best toolkit Here are four options: i. Book Creator Snap Type Guided Access Inspiration Paper53 ii. Book Creator Popplet Jumbled Sentences Mr Thorne’s Telling the Time iii. Book Creator …

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Day 26 – #5 Simple Tips to Help With Reading from a Screen – Assistive Technology #28daysofwriting

#youwillseehowdifficultitistoreadthiswithoutspace There is a US study which claims to show that increasing the gap between letters may make reading easier for struggling readers. VoiceDream will do this for you (Day 14) but for most students this is not possible. Some easier steps may help however: 1. A larger font – this can be seen just …

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Day 25 – #28daysofwriting Assistive Technology Series

I have been very postive about Assistive Technology so far but it would be dishonest of me to finish this series without admitting to the problems. People sceptical of tech do have valid concerns and I don’t think I get it right all the time. On top of that, students change – technology they were …

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Day 24 – the right equipment #28daysofwriting Assistive Technology

I have been writing about various technologies in this series so I thought it was time to give some examples of assessments highlighting students’ needs with examples of the type of equipment I’d recommend (these are not real students). Samuel Samuel clearly shows good understanding in class and contributes well to discussions. In addition, his …

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Day 23 – Popplet for Alternative Assessments #28daysofwriting Assistive Technology

I mention alternative assessments a lot. But and it’s a big but (I like big buts and I cannot lie) because there are so many tests and exams embedded into the year nowadays, it is harder for teachers to trust in using a different method which does not fit in with SATs tests and the …

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Day 22 Book Creator for SEN – #28daysofwriting – Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology does not always have to be specifically with a need in mind. I think tablets have revolutionised SEN practices in the classroom; they allow students with complex needs to access the curriculum and participate in the classroom. I also think it has (or should) have changed the role of the TA – preparing …

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