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Teaching Assistants 

I’ve been reading a lot about deployment of TAs recently the Keyinsights article set me off and I’ve followed the great links to the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and others.  So, I’ve done some reading.  I have also discussed this on numerous occasions with Twitter colleagues. So I’ve sought opinions and advice.  I think most would …

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Day 26 – #5 Simple Tips to Help With Reading from a Screen – Assistive Technology #28daysofwriting

#youwillseehowdifficultitistoreadthiswithoutspace There is a US study which claims to show that increasing the gap between letters may make reading easier for struggling readers. VoiceDream will do this for you (Day 14) but for most students this is not possible. Some easier steps may help however: 1. A larger font – this can be seen just …

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Day 24 – the right equipment #28daysofwriting Assistive Technology

I have been writing about various technologies in this series so I thought it was time to give some examples of assessments highlighting students’ needs with examples of the type of equipment I’d recommend (these are not real students). Samuel Samuel clearly shows good understanding in class and contributes well to discussions. In addition, his …

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Day 22 Book Creator for SEN – #28daysofwriting – Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology does not always have to be specifically with a need in mind. I think tablets have revolutionised SEN practices in the classroom; they allow students with complex needs to access the curriculum and participate in the classroom. I also think it has (or should) have changed the role of the TA – preparing …

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Day 21 – Choice Works – iPad app for students with ASD – #28daysofwriting – Assistive Technolog

I saw a Twitter conversation recently where a teacher said it was a standing joke at her school that the Educational Psychologist only ever recommended Visual timetables for children on the Autistic Spectrum. She had a point – clearly there is a lot more to supporting a student with autism than a visual timetable. The …

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