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7 books by women, not men, to improve your teaching 

The wonderful Peps McCrea (aka half of @staffrm) recently published a post recommending 6 books on education. I’m afraid my #genderedcheese ears pricked up as they were all male. Peps agreed and we asked for some recommendations from the Twitter hive mind.

Peps’ list is now 7 including Daisy Christodoulou which is a small step for womankind. 

I know, I’m never satisfied but it seemed a terrible shame to waste the other recommendations so here they are:

1. Pimp my Lesson – Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman

 2.   Teacher Geek by Rachel  Jones  


3. Getting the Buggers to Behave by Sue Cowley 

 4. Of teaching, learning and Sherbert Lemons by Nina Jackson 


  5. Lesson Planning Tweaks for teachers by Melanie Aberson and Debbie Light 


6. Teaching to Transgress by bell hooks


7. The Learning Brain by Sarah Blakemore and Uta Frith


@Sue_Cowley has also written a great list  of women edu writers and @DamsonEd  and I came up with 2 posts on recommendations for Literacy Leaders here and here.

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  1. An extremely interesting voice in education is Debra Kidd – she has a blog, is on Twitter and has a book called Teaching: Notes from the Front Line which is excellent.

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