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Day 14 – Assistive Technology – VoiceDream – #28daysofwriting

Wow, we’re half way through. When I started this I wasn’t really sure if I’d make the 28 days but I’m feeling more confident now.

It’s a real discipline to write everyday and I’ve enjoyed it.

I have had a brilliant response from people for the assistive technology series – thanks to all those who have chatted, retweeted and encouraged me.

I love the collaborative nature of @staffrm – it feels positive; sharing and caring. Ah stop me I’m becoming sentimental but really, this is why I’m in teaching and why I love education.

Back to the iPad and VoiceDream.

Yesterday I looked at in-built accessibility for the iPad (Day 13) and I have covered free electronic copies of your class text books from Load2Learn (Day 8).

VoiceDream is an advanced reader – £6.99 on app store.


It will read any text – you can open PDFs and docs within the application and it has a browser function too.

You can use a variety of colours to highlight background page, the row, the word before it’s read and the word after it’s read.

A great feature is Original layout and Text layout – the images below show the doc in the two formats by just a tap of the screen.

There are various voices and you can change the speed.

Something which is hugely important for some students is blanking out the text so only a small part is visible. VoiceDream gives you the choice of 5 lines, 3 lines or 1. (Lines Visible)

The first image show 1 line highlighted with widened character spacing.

Character spacing may be important for your poor readers – there is some tentative research showing that character spacing (not just size of text) can help.

There are many other features; translation, autoscroll and it’s easy to use.

I would definitely recommend this text to speech app- it’s thorough, has been carefully thought about and built with love I think.

Appropriate on Valentine’s Day.







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