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Day 10 – AudioNotetaker – Assistive Technology – #28daysofwriting

Prefer your notes in audio? That’s all very well but it’s difficult to go back to organise and highlight relevant sections.

This great piece of kit treats audio like text and it’s a brilliant idea.

I first discovered AudioNotetaker by Sonocent at Betts 14 and have watched them grow since.

Good products do and the proof in the pudding is use and popularity I think.

I must be honest, while I love AudioNotetaker, I am still getting my head round it but it’s partly having time and the need to use it – I can really see its potential. For high order skills mixed with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, I think this is enabling.

Here’s a quick video describing what it does:


Also Sonocent do regular webinars and would do one for you if you ask nicely I’m sure.
OK, this is advanced tech but for some, it could make their studying life so much easier.

Does your school use Planet eStream? This would be perfect alongside AudioNoteTaker.

And if you don’t mind being recorded, your lecture notes would be useful – especially for revision.

A few other videos for interest.



And here’s their website:




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