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Day 6 – Inspiration #28daysofwriting Assistive Technology

There are many concept mapping tools on the market. I mentioned MyStudyBar on Day 3 – part of the bar comprises XMind which is good.

I want to concentrate on Inspiration though as it’s my favourite.

Inspiration has multiple functions:

You can create a mindmap or a spider diagram.


You can then toggle between the map and a linear version. You can type in either format and it will add in to both.IMG_0620

You can use lots of colour – I love colour coding – I would colour code my friends, my students and shops if I could.

You can add in pictures, videos and hyperlinks.

It has many templates for many subjects – from cell comparison in Science to comparing and contrasting characters in a novel for English Literature.


Once the essay and spider diagram/mind map is complete, you can then transfer it into word or make it into a presentation – it does the structure and order for you which takes away a lot of the laborious parts.


What this does for me is take away the repetitiveness of writing an essay. If I plan, I don’t want to then write it all out again for the essay and I definitely don’t want to write it out a third time for the powerpoint so often asked for.

Structuring thoughts into a cohesive and sequential order is very hard for some students; they may not be natural writers who can link ideas and write flowing essays. This helps – it takes away the stressy bit.

Students who say ‘I know what I want to say and just can’t put it down on paper’ will find this software liberating.


(for younger students there is also Kidspiration which is a child-friendly version – you can download either of these for a 30 day free trial).

The photos are from a lite version on the iPad but I tend to use my laptop when using Inspiration.







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