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What’s your earliest memory of technology?
Is a typewriter technology? I signed up with a door to door sales rep for a Pitman typing course when I was 17. It was a big old typewriter with a backspace for corrections. When I went to university I invested in a small electronic typewriter which I did all my essays and dissertation on – it was the best buy.

Space Invaders :-)))))) we used to sit in Deal Beach Parlour with one drink for hours while we played – it was a table with screen in the middle – remember?


What bit of technology frustrates you most?
My work dock-in station – I spend hours waiting for it to synchronise – we have a token which we have to put in which doesn’t work half the time and then I spend 20 minutes on the phone to IT telling me where I am in the queuing system. They then have to reconfigure your token which takes ages and then you have to call back once your laptop has synchronised. It’s a huge headache and linked to the many security stages. I wonder when systems are not fit for purpose whether safety measures become defunct as people try to bypass them for ease.

What devices do you use most regularly?
1. My iPhone is with me always – I love it, it’s like a PA. I am using voice memo more and more as I do a lot of driving – I can put my thoughts down and then listen when I get back to the office.
2. My iPad in schools – it’s light, quick and easy. Lots of great apps, it never goes wrong and can be used online and offline.
3. An old brick laptop for work as we’re not allowed to write reports on anything else due to security. (I have a fondness for this though, it’s like an old Uncle who smells a bit of wee.)

What tips do you have for others?
Think about using tech for more than just word processing.

Social media is great when used appropriately but remember your digital footprint. When you’re impulsive (like me) it’s easy to say something you regret.

You can be outdoorsy and techy – I took this of my daughter abseiling in Swanage then uploaded it to techy Grandparents on Facebook within 30 mins (after walking back up the hill to get reception).


Finish this sentence: technology isn’t…
a replacement meal but great as part of a healthy diet.

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