No idea why #nurture1415 has affected me more than #teacher5aday but I initially steered clear from this one – is it the successes part?

When I look this closely at my life I tend to turn into a morass of self hatred – well I haven’t done anything very well – my house is falling apart, my kids are neglected, the only reason I have a job is no-one has actually found me to be the charlatan I really am and my husband, well he’d leave me but he’d have nowhere to store his kayaks. That kind of thing.

I don’t like to stop and think about myself – I once went to a meditation class and had to leave as I felt sick – the coach told me I’d probably never fully relaxed. This was before kids too.

Although I couldn’t engineer twins, I sometimes wonder if I’ve made myself so busy to stop myself thinking deeply – if I reflect too closely about the meaning and minutiae of my life I may fall into a coma of realisation which I would never recover from.

So without delving too deeply here are my 5 good things about last year.

1. I didn’t get sacked
2. My husband hasn’t left me
3. My kids can converse with adults without swearing
4. I went to ResearchEd
5. I have made some lovely friends on Twitter and have only been blocked by two people, I’ve started blogging and going to Teach Meets

Here are my 5 things I’m going to work on:

1. Not getting sacked and making an impact – I’m creating a 6 week intervention for year 1s who are behind in reading this year – of course I want it to work for the school but I’d like it to work for more schools across Dorset too.

2. Prevent husband from leaving for another year – I have covered this in #teacher5aday – it involves three trips together rather than just one

3. Kids – keep them happy, keep up their self-esteem – teach final one to ride a bike for days out without tag a long

4. Go to Northern Rocks – loved ResearchEd and want to attend one event each year – next year TLAB16 possibly?

5. Continue with Twitter, blogging and Teach Meets

Phew that didn’t hurt too much – now where’s my to do list…..


8 thoughts on “#nurture1415”

      1. Probably won’t go to NR this year as I went last year and I’m going to the London Festival of Education and the Wellington Festival this year as I haven’t been to either before. Have also booked for the CfBT/ASCL/NAHT ‘Inspiring Leaders’ conference at the ICC in June.

        Hope to meet you somewhere, sometime!

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