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Phonics Reading Decoding – collection of research, blogs and articles

This is supposed to be a collection of articles, blogs and research on the best way to teach reading.

I lean towards a balanced reading approach with phonics at the core. I do not agree with the year 1 phonics test and think it is having a negative impact on oral language in classrooms.

Has decoding improved but at the expense of comprehension?

Phonics was being taught in classrooms more and more as the research emerged. The phonics test has created a crude and heavy handed approach to the teaching of reading instead of a more nuanced and intellectual model. But that’s just my opinion – what do I know?

Many teachers are looking for literature on phonics and reading to make their own decisions. This is a small library of what I have found so far… 

This is breaking news: (March 2015) – we can recognise familar words as whole.

 This, by @jellyandbean1 is the most amazing collection:

And @susangodsland has an impressive list too: (not quite sure why it’s called dyslexics though as Susan doesn’t believe it exists)önköping.pptx 

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