iPad apps I’d recommend for SEND – Primary

Last week I wrote about apps for Secondary SEND. This is a list for primary – there are many overlaps so excuse any repetition. I have also left some off such as BookCreator and iMovie so you may want to look through the Secondary list for some general apps.

iPad apps I’d recommend for an SEN Department – Secondary School

There are loads so I’ve chosen a selection.

Cambugs 1/2
These are great apps to use diagnostically and for learning. Cambugs 1 is for letter sounds and Cambugs 2 for common digraphs and a trigraph ‘igh’.

What I like about this is that it has a sound hint so students, TAs, teachers and parents can all hear the correct sound. Many adults don’t know the pure phonic sounds and may include a schwa; ‘mer’ instead of a clipped ‘mm’ for instance. It means we are all sounding out from the same phonic song sheet so to speak.
The children love this app too as they collect a bug for every sound they learn.


Clicker Connect
This is a writing app with word banks and pictures for each word. You can even colour code sentence parts (I love a bit of colour me).


It has Text-to-Speech so students can hear single words or sentences being read in a synthetic voice.

There are so many other features, good support and free resources from Crick, the makers
of Clicker.http://www.cricksoft.com/uk/

My favourite Maths app by far and it’s free. The visuals are superb and the idea great. Students journey through countries and when they have completed scenes they gain the country’s flag.


Dexteria apps
Designed by Occupational Therapists, these apps are a great addition to a writing programme. They concentrate on fine motor skills through squishing squashes and pinching peppers then crabs.


Twinkl Phonic Suite
Activities and games from Phase 1 to Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds. Includes DFE guidance and videos (handy to show volunteers and TAs)


I love this but a colleague of mine called it an abomination. For some kids though making blending, chunky, visual and noisy can make them just get it – maybe they could use headphones!


http://www.modmaths.com – a brilliant app recommended to me by @fiona_peters1. It allows those with poor handwriting to record workings out without having to worry about reading their writing.


Hairy Letters
A good letter writing app appealing to young children. I have to admit to preferring to write my own using Paper53 and Explain Everything but for those really struggling with direction and formation this is quite cute.


Spellosaur and Spellosaur 400
Superb app where students can add spellings, record them and then do five, increasingly difficult games.




This is a good app to create visual timetables. You can create your own, include a timer and photographs from school or student’s teaching staff etc. If a student with autism has use of an iPad then I think this should be part of the toolkit.


Gah, there are so many but I’m going to finish with a recommendation from @SimonKnight100 for this bonkers app which I used for the first time today. Simon says his school use it for phonics, MFL, articulation skills, “the list is endless”. I tried using it with two students chunking com/pu/ter and com/pli/ca/ted etc following some work on suffixes. The results were very funny and the students were engaged and learning (I think).



Happy apping 🙂

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