Can he take off his blazer? Reasonable Adjustments


Just been listening to R4.

A surgeon arranged for a head operation to be done on a person who had a phobia of touching; they did it with her hat on. This is not only wonderful but a reasonable adjustment.

How many schools make adjustments to students with sensory difficulties?

There are many students with ASC who hate tie clips, hate the feel of a stiff shirt against their skin (and wear T-shirts underneath), hate blazers. Some even become school refusers due to these issues – is it reasonable to adjust the school uniform policy for those on the autistic spectrum?

4 thoughts on “Can he take off his blazer? Reasonable Adjustments”

  1. There’s no evidence that I’m aware of for the benefits of school uniform, although schools might have good reasons for adopting them. If schools must have a uniform, there’s every reason why they should be designed in a way facilitates, rather than obstructs learning, not on the basis of what everybody consulted thinks looks smart.

    1. Yes good point.

      Keeping blazers on until teacher says they can take it off seems to be a big problem. Many of the students I say like wearing hoodies too – helps with sensory overload I imagine?

      1. Yes, we had training some time ago on working with students on autistic spectrum – one of the recommendations was to allow them to wear their hoodies up when they felt they needed to shut out some of the overload. We didn’t let them, because we were trying to crack the uniform thing. I wondered what the point of the training was after that….. Very thought provoking post, needs remembering.

      2. I have a sneaking suspicion that insistence on (say) waiting for a teacher to give permission to remove a blazer has little to do with looking smart & much to do with establishing dominance.

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