Working parents

Internal dialogue of a Working Mum


Internal Dialogue of a Working Mum

7.30am – I can do this: I am an amazing woman. I am a benefit to society, I am a teacher – children are learning because of me – I am intelligent, capable and interesting. My kids get to school on time, they are fed and have clean clothes. I can be a successful working parent…

7.40am (5 year old comes down with no fringe – other 5 year old arrives with scissors in one hand and said fringe in the other)

I am a terrible mother, I am a terrible teacher – I am a drain on society. I am training this afternoon, who will want to listen? There’ll be one of those esoteric twitter types asking me where my research is, telling me I’m talking rubbish – no child learns anything when I teach. My own children are feral and don’t do anything I say and I have nothing to wear and my hair looks rubbish.

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